State-of-the-Art NGS Bioinformatics on the Cloud

Easily identify differential expression

Detect splice junctions and exons

Cluster samples by overall gene expression

Find known and novel variants

We deliver comprehensive, statistically rigorous results, fast.

Prognosys Biosciences is no longer offering Voila! Next Generation Sequencing Analysis as an online service. We will however evaluate RNA-Seq analysis projects on a case by case basis. Should you be interested please contact us at

Better Results

  • Increase the quantity of mapped reads
  • Increase the quality of mapped reads
  • Detect splice junctions consistently with high sensitivity and specificity

Faster Results

  • Easy simultaneous upload of all FASTQ files
  • Rapid turnaround from upload to results

Significant Results

  • Study level design and analysis
  • One set of summarized result files per project
  • Differential expression results in CSV format for easy filtering of gene expression

Easy Viewing of Results

  • Visually explore results with the
  • Perform statistical analysis and graph output in R or SpotFire
  • Output files are compatible with numerous other downstream analysis tools

  • *IGV developed and maintained by the Broad Institute.

Available now: RNA-Seq Analysis

Our standard RNA-Seq analysis package includes alignment to a human, mouse or rat reference genome, quantification of expression, exon and splice junction detection, variant calling and differential expression analysis.

Getting Started

Please review the study design document and check list before you start your project.

5 easy steps

1. Quality Control

Once you've logged in, QC your data with our easy to use QC tool. Please see Requirements for passing quality control.


Minimum Data Requirements

Sanger format FASTQ files
Reads per sample: ≥ 10,000
Read length: 50 - 150 bases per read
mean PHRED: ≥ 20
Q30: ≥ 0.4

Our QC tool will determine whether your data are acceptable for analysis.

System Requirements

JRE plugin:

Supported Genomes

Homo sapiens (hg19)
Mus musculus (mm9)
Rattus norvegicus (rn4)

For other genomes, please contact us directly.


RNA-Seq Analysis: $99 per sample*

*Up to 100 million single reads or 50 million paired reads.
- includes 90 days free storage of data and results

Contact us for pricing on larger projects.

Storage Options

Raw data and results will be stored for 90 days from the completion of your project, after which you will have the option to purchase additional storage. Note that all raw data will be automatically deleted after 90 days and extended storage for results files may be purchased. For more information on extended storage pricing please visit our .